Broccoli Affogati recipe: the Sicilian drowned Broccoli

Broccoli Affogati

The drowned broccoli is a special but simple recipe, mostly from Catania and surrondings, even if it is known all over Sicily. The word “affogato” means “drowned” and refers to the red wine used to flavor the broccoli.

Sicilian Scacciata recipe

Sicilian Scacciata

Scacciata Siciliana – also called Schiacciata, Scaccia, Scacciuni depending on which part of Sicily it is made – is a traditional rustic pie usually cooked during winter season, especially on Christmas holidays. Scacciata Siciliana: history and tradition It is common belief that Scacciata – meaning “squashed” – was originally born around the XVII century as […]

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Santa Monica Pier

There is so much more to do out here in the city of angels in culture, nightlife, food, scenery so you may find yourself making multiples trip out here.

Sicilian Arancini recipe: easy homemade rice balls

Every time I welcome new guests at my B&B in Catania and talk about itineraries and suggestions for their holiday in Sicily, one question I always ask them is: “Do you know arancini?!”

I must admit with some astonishment that some of them have no idea of what an arancino is until I explain to them (and make their mouth watering!).

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