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Top 5 exclusive things to do in Sicily in 2024

With endless things to do and see, Sicily in 2024 is a great holiday destination for any traveller alike! If you are looking for best activities and unique places to experience in Sicily on your next 2024 vacation, here you will find a selection of my top 5 exclusive things to do in Sicily in 2024, according to a local travel designer!

tiberio's gourges
Tiberio’s Gourges,©Antonella Ravidà

Let’s start saying that Sicily has recently rediscovered an élite tourism that is no longer satisfied with the now popular destinations of classic tourism. The new Sicilian traveller searches for small hidden gems where the true soul of this southern Italian island can still be rediscovered.

The various recent international films and TV series that were filmed in Sicily have played an important role. Not least The White Lotus season 2, which literally made many international tourists fall in love with Sicily – read my exclusive The White Lotus itinerary here!

isola bella
Isola Bella, Taormina,©Antonella Ravidà

This newfound interest of international travelers in Sicily has meant that many new tourist businesses have taken hold, offering experiences and attractions increasingly linked to the valorisation of the territory.

Sicily is a gem in the Mediterranean, offering a diverse range of holiday experiences. Whether you are interested in history, food & wine, nature, or simply relaxing on beautiful beaches, Sicily has something for everyone.

Before revealing the list of the 5 unmissable best things to do in Sicily in 2024, keep in mind that when planning your trip to Sicily, you should consider various factors, such as the weather, scheduled events or festivals, availability of hotels and attractions. Learn more by reading my article on best time to visit Sicily.

Ortigia waterfront, ©Antonella Ravidà

Do we all agree with the expression “money doesn’t buy happiness”? Well, it might not always be true, but for sure you will not need to be a milionaire to enjoy what Sicily has to offer! The new luxury is the time you dedicate to your wellness, to connect with the local community and to open your mind and soul to the new.

Find below a selection of the exclusive 5 top experiences on your next 2024 Sicilian vacation!

Agrigento is worldwide popular for the UNESCO archaeological site Valley of Temples. However, there is much more to explore in Agrigento District beyond archaeology, in fact Agrigento has been nominated as Capital of Culture 2025 thanks to the variety of cultural heritage of this part of the island.

  • Choose to explore the coastal towns in the south, such as the charming Sciacca, where amongst many other local experiences carefully organized by Sciacca5Sensi, you can join a workshop to learn the secrets of coral jewels, typical of this area.

coral workshop sciacca
Coral workshop in Sciacca, ©Antonella Ravidà

  • Hike along the coastal path of Torre Salsa Nature Reserve: 6 kms of wild sand beach, whose flora and fauna are protected by WWF.

Torre Salsa
Torre Salsa Agrigento, ©Flickr

  • Learn about the excellent local extra virgin olive oil by joining an harvest experience in one of the many farms of Agrigento countryside. You can relax under the olive trees, challenge yourself in the olive picking technique and taste the different olive oil qualities.
  • Visit the mistic open air Teatro Andromeda, located in Santo Stefano di Quisquina. A local shepherd built this venue, inspired by the spirituality of the landscape.

teatro andromeda
Teatro Andromeda, ©Antonella Ravidà

Do you feel exhausted by the tons of low quality selfies with crowds of people around during your holidays? Booking a private photoshoot with a local professional photographer in Sicily is the best choice to make sure to get precious memories of your holidays and to be able to finally enjoy the place with no worries!

There are several great Sicilian photographers who provide this service and it can really be a great idea to spend a fun afternoon playing as an instagram influencer with a professional camera! Your local private photographer is also able to provide you with useful tips for your dreamy holiday in Sicily!

Noto, ©Antonella Ravidà

Discover the allure of the Aeolian Islands on an exclusive private sailboat tour. Sail through the crystalline waters surrounding this volcanic archipelago, exploring secluded coves and pristine beaches accessible only by boat. Due to the nature of these islands, a private sailboat tour is the best way to explore these Mediterranean gems at your own pace.

Whether it’s admiring the volcanic landscapes, snorkeling in azure waters, or savoring gourmet meals prepared by your onboard chef, a private sailboat tours ensure an unforgettable Aeolian adventure tailored to your preferences.

If you want to know more about Aeolian Islands, read my insider’s guide of Lipari and Stromboli volcanic islands!

lipari's coast
Lipari’s coast, ©Antonella Ravidà

Gangi is a small hamlet perched on top of Madonie mountains in central Sicily, also renowned as the green lung of Sicily. It is a very charming village with its medieval cobble stones alleys, its Ventimiglia belltower and the stunning views to the Madonie Natural Park.

In this small town, there is an even smaller shop owned by Fabrizio Fazio, a real master of Sicilian drum! He is a self-taught musician who builds the original Sicilian drum and plays it getting the spetator into a trance like dimension!

Don’t miss a visit to this magic place and have a look at my instagram reel about the perfect road trip to Madonie Park .

Gangi,©Antonella Ravidà

Embark on a captivating horseriding adventure through the heart of Sicily. A horse riding tour in Sicily offers a unique perspective, allowing you to traverse ancient trails, picturesque countryside, and coastal paths with a sense of grace and tranquility. Explore off the beaten track Sicilian treasures and immerse yourself into the peaceful natural landscape of this region.

Horseriding tour,©Pixabay

As you plan your Sicilian escapade for 2024, these top five things to do promise an unforgettable journey through history, culture, and natural wonders. From the ancient marvels of Agrigento to the stunning landscapes of the Aeolian Islands, Sicily offers an array of treasures waiting to be discovered.

To craft your personalized Sicilian odyssey, get in contact with me and let me tailor an itinerary that encapsulates your preferences, ensuring that every moment in Sicily becomes an indelible memory.

Picture of Antonella

Ciao! My name is Antonella and I am a Sicilian Travel Designer based in Catania, Sicily. My mission here is to share my knowledge and love for this amazing island of Southern Italy and to help you tailor your dream trip to Sicily.

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  1. I only know Sicily through the books and stories that my boyfriend told me. He lived there for several months for work and always says that he wants to return because it is beautiful!

  2. I love Sicily and it is always a pleasure come back to the island. Between the experiences you suggest for 2024 I choose booking a private photoshoot with a local professional photographer, with such lundscapes and beautiful places it would be a real experience

    1. Yes it is one of the top trend experiences in travel right now and I think it is a great idea to hire someone who takes the picture on your behalf and can provide great memories!

  3. I have been dreaming of visiting Sicily for ages, but this dream hasn’t come true yet. I hope I will be able to come to your wonderful land very soon, in the meanwhile I thank you for your advice!

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    1. I wanted to share some of my favorite things to do in Sicily and also highlight some of the current top trends holiday activities to experience in this amazing island. I hope you will have the chance to come soon.

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